SEIDL, Hannes Germany

KötterSeidl klein

Daniel Kötter and Hannes Seidl have been working together on different artistic formats such as experimental film, installations, performances and exhibitions since 2008. Their focus however is on full-length musical drama works using multi-channel videos.
In all of their works, Daniel Kötter and Hannes Seidl have adopted an approach in which they stage and show images and sounds as interrelated and inseparable aspects of specific moments. Actions once considered profane or everyday often play a large role, with their artistic potential being tapped and transferred into formal contexts. In this way, non-artistic activities such as sawing wood, showering, soldering, moving furniture or cooking are construed as repeatable gestures, composable sounds and complex stage events; the casual – in particular as a result of the clear formal structures and shapes which the pieces take on – becomes concise material, which is at the same time always the making of music, being active and producing images, without losing its original purpose; skilled manual work on stage becomes an artistic act not through stylisation but through framing, there is no "as if".
Daniel Kötter's and Hannes Seidl's joint works have been exhibited in major international festivals (e.g. at the Biennale di Venezia, Musicadhoy Madrid, Zukunftsmusik Stuttgart, Ultima Festival Oslo, Warsaw Autumn and others.

Hannes Seidl was born in Bremen in 1977 and lives in Frankfurt as a composer of new music.

Daniel Kötter was born in Bergisch Gladbach in 1975 and lives in Berlin. He is a video artist and director.