The 2013 Phonurgia Nova contest is now open!


Among the prizes awarded for radio and acoustic art, the Phonurgia Nova competition has, since 1986, occupied a special place by virtue of its recognition of artists whose work exploits sound as an original artistic medium. What makes it unique? This award (which attracted last year 166 candidates from 16 countries) has to do with  CREATION... and the infinite exploration of the reality by the mean of listening. It is not a music festival, although music may be one component of a piece along with speech, voice, silence and all the other sounds of this world.
It's a radio and sound art contest where consideration is given to people who move the borders of listening. 

The contest is open to everybody. The main selective criterion remains: radicality, originality and artist vision.
 We look forward to hearing your responses to the next festival!

the phonurgia nova team