HABER, Charbel Lebanon

Charbel Haber, born in Beirut in 1978, lives there as a musician, composer and performance artist. He was a co-founder of the Lebanese post-rock group Scrambled Eggs in 1998. Since 2002, he has been co-organizer of the Lebanese improvisation festival Irtijal and a core member of the MILL (Musique Improvisee Libre au Liban) association. He founded the experimental music label "Those Kids must Choke" in 2004, and with Al Maslakh he launched the label "Johnny Kafta's Kids Menu" in 2010. Haber has performed with many of the international big names in improvised music, including Gene Coleman, Michael Zerang, Mats Gustafson and Eddie Prévost. In addition, he has written music for films, video art and performance theatre, also for the piece "Photo Romance" (2010) by Rabih Mroueh and Lina Saneh.


Art´s Birthday 2015 // Konzertmitschnitte vom 16. Januar 2015 im Berghain Berlin
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